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Wine Bottle Sizes. You want how much wine?
You will be the life of the party with this information!
1 magnum = 2/5 gallon
1 jeroboam = 4/5 gallon
1 rehoboam = 5 quarts
1 methuselah = 6-1/2 quarts
1 salmanazar = 12 quarts
1 nebuchadnezzar = 20 quarts

Wine Bottle Sizes You often hear about a "Magnum of Champagne"
How big is a magnum?
How about the even larger bottles? Now you can sleep tonight!

Here they are by:
Name, Regions and Size

Half Bottle All regions 375 ml
Normal Bottle All regions (bit more for Champagne) 750 ml

Magnum All regions 2 bottles
Marie-Jean All regions 3 bottles
Double Magnum All regions 4 bottles

Jeroboam Burgundy, Champagne 4 bottles
Jeroboam Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon 6 bottles
Rehoboam Burgundy, Champagne 6 bottles

Imperial Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon 8 bottles
Methuselah Burgundy, Champagne 8 bottles
Salmanazar Burgundy, Champagne 12 bottles
Balthazar Burgundy, Champagne 16 bottles
Nebuchadnezzar Burgundy, Champagne 20 bottles

375 milliliters or one half of the standard bottle size
Also known as a "split" or a "tenth"

750 milliliters of wine, this is the worldwide standard wine bottle size

1.5 liters or twice the standard bottle size

Double Magnum
3.0 liters or twice the size of a magnum, equivalent of 4 bottles

There are two sizes of Jeroboams:
Sparkling wine Jeroboam equals 4 regular bottles, or 3.0 liters
Red wine Jeroboam equals 6 regular bottles, or 4.5 liters
Some 5.0 liter Jeroboams exist

6.0 liters or 8 regular bottles

Same size as an Imperial but is usually used for sparkling wines and is Burgundy-shaped

9.0 liters. 12 regular bottles or one case

12.0 liters. 16 bottles.
Usually used for sparkling wines

15.0 liters. 20 regular bottles.
Usually used for sparkling wines

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